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Welcome to Ben Hart Online

college footballWelcome to my little corner of the internet.  My name is Ben and I plan on boring you without mercy.  Really.

I will be talking about all of my computing tricks, computer hacks and XBox adventures.  Still here? Why?


Ok, well if you are going to stick around, I might as well tell you a little something about me.  I graduated from a major institute of higher learning in the US of A with a masters in computer engineering.  Mostly that means I showed up and passed the tests.

The real learning in college happened more often on a Friday night swilling cheap beer or in the middle of the week in front of my computer with late night drive through Taco Bell.  No kidding – these are where I learned more about life AND computers than in any class I ever took.

Nope, I’m not married.  Yep, I do date.  If you are a cute girl who is a bit of a nerd and loves college football, please stick around and introduce yourself.  Face huggers need not apply.

Do you hack your X Box?  Doesn’t everybody?  Well, I’ve got some thoughts on that coming on soon.

Oh, my thoughts tend to wander all over.  When I geek out I tend to do a stream of consciousness kind of thing.  It may be hard keeping track or following along at times.  Forgive me or move along.  We’ll both be better off if you commit to one of the two options now.

I’ll talk about ASP.NET, PERL-SQERL and HTML-FU here.  Feel free to skip those sections as appropriate.

Did I mention that my Master’s Thesis proves that Windows is a virus?  Quite humorous.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass or be kicked from the college.  Physically kicked – not metaphorically.

Ok, hit the blog section and follow along.  Wave as you pass through.  Otherwise I might think you are here to do a drive by and that makes me nervous.